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Standing, left to right: Master Dan Jansa, IL; Master Michael Lowe, CA; Master Allen Sharpe, TX; Master Bob Manculich, PA, Master John Bennett, NV; Master Vance Britt, NJ; Master Jerry Stine, CA; Master Jim DeBaca, CA; Master Larry D'Ercole, CA; Seated: Master Mujahid Khan, UK; Master Ted Jackson, CA; Grandmaster Jae C. Shin, Master Mark Causerano, PA; Master Chuck Vaughn, PA.

On July 7, 2006, thirteen Masters were honored by Grandmaster Jae C. Shin and the World Tang Soo Do Association for their devotion to the Art of Tang Soo Do for 30 years or more. A special dinner recognizig their achievement was attended by 250 members of the WTSDA at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Ca. Spouses were in attendance and were also honored for their assistance and support during the careers of their Tang Soo Do driven spouses. This is the second 30-Year Masters Dinner and these 13 Masters joined the previous nine honorees from the 2002 dinner.

Many of the Masters who were honored were present at the genesis of the WTSDA and were instrumental during the development of the WTSDA. Each Master spoke with great passion about how they started in the WTSDA and how they first met Kwan Chang Nim.

Congratulations to these Masters who have shown that perserverance has been a true attribute on their respective roads of live.

Master Robert G. Manculich

Certified Member: World Tang Soo Do

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2002 World Championships





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2010 Championships


Family Oriented Martial Arts

A practical guide to help make a parent’s choice easier and wiser



A martial Arts Teacher will have a profound impact on your child’s development!

Does the instructor and school posses the characteristics you want your child to have?

Choosing A Martial Arts School For Your Child

Teachers / Instructors

Who is teaching the class?

A qualified black belt or an unqualified colored belt?

Does he/she appear competent and caring?

Respect For Self And Others

Will the teaching methods leave my child battered and bruised?

Will my child develop into the class bully?

Friendly Environment Conducive To Learning

When you watch Class:

Are your children enjoying themselves?

Do they appear to know what they are doing?


If you are transferred to another area:

What will happen to your child’s training?

Will he/she receive recognition for the rank they have achieved?

Return On Investment

Will your child have the opportunity to develop: Integrity, Respect, Obedience, Self Control, Self Esteem and Confidence?









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